Monday, May 22, 2006

Two FM radio licence holders from N-E face disqualification for not abiding by CTI deadline

I feel pity about the North East FM players. I have been talking with some of them and know the difficulties they are facing in putting things together-starting from law and order issues to poor infrastructure to not-very profitable business environment. The govt, I hope, gives them more concessions to start their operations. It is infact the people from these part of the land who needs FM radio more than the urbanites where there is ample scope for other modes of entertainment.

These are the other stories of this month

May 01

With new stations, Radio Mirchi looks to woo the masses

May 2
FM Phase II: Sun, Adlabs vacate North-East, local player faces the music

May 06
Delhi Bloggers keep their date with Net activist Bill Thompson

May 9
FM Phase II: Negotiations for CTI equipment commence in the presence of AROI

May 10
Mediaguru to foray into print, new media consultancy; Narendra Tripathi joins as Partner

May 15
Will 98.3 FM be Radio Mirchi’s national identity?

May 16
Mahendra Swarup to quit Times Group in September to pursue ‘own vision’

May 20
Indiatimes partners with Level Up! to bring India’s first multiplayer online games


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